About AMW Business Growth

AMW Business Growth is a business advisory, support and mentoring practice. We work with small and medium business owners and managers across many industries. We believe in providing quality business advice and services that are relevant to you, at your particular stage of the business journey. 

We operate from a base in Adelaide, South Australia, but mostly come to wherever works best for you. We can supply via fixed-price packages, hourly, or on a per project basis. Amanda M Wood established the practice in 2016 and is the Principal Advisor and Director.

We understand the time pressures, sheer volume of responsibilities, and sometimes stress, faced by business owners and managers. We therefore offer flexible approaches to working with you. Face to face or remote; morning, noon or night; weekends; whatever works best for you.  Consider us a “friend who understands, and can help”  on your business growth “adventure”.

Because we are supported by a network of colleagues, we can offer a wide range of business insights and expertise. Amanda is a self-confessed “business nerd” whose specialties include business strategy, business planning, marketing and general business advice. 

The “M” in our logo is intended to depict the face-to-face, friendly and helpful relationships we aim to form with our clients.


AMW Business Growth


Some comments from our clients…

“Amanda is a wealth of knowledge and during our first meeting she was easily able to identify, challenge and expand my thought process for what was going to benefit my own development, the strength and strategy of my business and my business proposition to others…”


“Thank you, thank you. You’ve given us so much to think about.
Revitalised us, in fact!”


“Amanda Wood’s engagement and commitment for the success of others is evident from the start. She is highly professional, engaging and focused in all that she does and delivers…”


“Amanda has been an invaluable support in turning my passion project into a business. She has accompanied me to several business meetings and provided advice in many areas. Amanda goes above and beyond in her role, I have felt supported at all stages of my business journey…”


“AMW’s advice has assisted me in understanding what I need to do and how I can achieve success in an industry I am so passionate about…”


“Amanda has made me realise that I could put some useful and valuable information in my advertising (how my service rates in relation to National Quality standard). She has also given me an insight about applying for grants, and a great wealth of other information. I really appreciate the time she has taken to meet with me as well as to email me some documents afterwards.”

Please contact us or make an appointment for further information, to arrange a meeting, or to discuss your business improvement needs.